Our carefully designed and managed Inspection and Maintenance routines are essential to the longevity of any marine infrastructure. AMOG's design team can optimise your solutions to meet cost, fatigue, operational, and environmental constraints.

There will always be a requirement - whether imposed by regulators or as part of best practice infrastructure management - to conduct inspections on key structural and safety elements, and to perform the appropriate preventative and corrective maintenance when necessary.

Using advanced analysis techniques and state-of-the-art software, AMOG has extensive experience in the analysis of the dynamics of a wide range of:

  • Hull Forms
    • Tanker based FSO/FPSO
    • Spar
    • Semi-Submersible
    • TLP
    • Barges
    • CALM
  • Riser systems
    • Flexible riser systems
    • Top-tensioned
    • Steel catenary
    • Hybrid
    • Single leg offset
  • Mooring systems (incl disconnectable)
    • Chain
    • Wire rope
    • Synthetic rope
    • Infield and cyclone moorings
  • Turrets and Swivels

This experience, over the full range of water depths, and complemented by our model testing ability, allows us to develop numerical models and interpret site data to advise on the implementation of these inspection and maintenance routines to to help assets operate more efficiently.

We are also able to develop complete documentation packages including operation and maintenance manuals.