AMOG undertook a detailed assessment of offloading operations for a tandem tanker FPU offloading from the FSO CALM buoy, including simulation of work boat stern pull on the offtake tanker tandem moored to the FSO off the CALM buoy and vessel manoeuvring to provide a lee for personnel transfer.

This involved third party verification and expediting of critical components on the FSO/CALM buoy mooring and floating hose, as well as;

Numerical dynamic analysis of floating hose behaviour under a range of environmental loading conditions were studied. These included streaming of the floating hose from the CALM buoy and connection of the hose to the offtake tanker;

  • Failure analysis of mechanical breakaway coupler that failed during a typhoon event, including dynamic hose modelling and reviews of design with the coupler manufacturer were also studied;
  • Modelling of floating hose string tow from a supply base to site;
  • Review of fuelling options for the FSO tanker including gas supplied from the FPU;
  • Preliminary design analysis of the 20 line riser system including lazy-S and reverse-J configurations;
  • Detailed riser analysis of additional water injection line;
  • VIV analysis of drilling riser including model testing of riser bundle to determine hydrodynamic coefficients; and 
  • Development and supply of CALM buoy load monitoring software.