AMOG have been working at the cutting edge of combining sensor technology with engineering expertise to deliver solutions to challenging technical problems. By combining strong capabilities in data science and machine learning with specialised domain knowledge, AMOG is poised to enable its clients to harness the power of Industry 4.0 to understand how their assets work. We provide improved solutions to optimise operations and maintenance practice and minimise risk, including;

  • Condition monitoring
  • Real time condition assessment
  • Tuning of asset performance
  • Forward predictions of remaining life 

AMOG’s suite of solutions that includes SensaWise, LoadWise and WharfWise has been developed for and tested in challenging environments including mining, rail, and offshore including subsea. Contact AMOG for a system demonstration or trial deployment to better understand how smart monitoring can be applied for your assets to improve productivity and operate safely.

A1 SensaWise Install 948KBA2 SensaWise Architecture


For more details on the SensaWise, LoadWise and WharfWise line please visit


Application to the Mining Sector

Application to the Offshore Energy Sector

Application to the Ports Sector