As a market leading engineering consulting company, AMOG believes in investing and helping develop future engineering talent. To support this, AMOG has established the AMOG Consulting Grundy and Potts Memorial Scholarship for eligible engineering PhD candidates at Monash University, to encourage and reward the the pursuit of new knowledge and sovereign engineering capabilities.

Identifying innovative and cutting edge solutions to complex and challenging problems is what we do best and AMOG actively encourages engineers to 'look outside the square' to find better ways to solve difficult problems. Through this scholarship, AMOG hopes to inspire the engineers of tomorrow to excel in their engineering endeavours and be leaders in their field. Following the interests of these two great engineers, the scholarship incorporates, but is not limited to the following areas of study:

  • Ocean engineering
    • Wave energy
    • Offshore energy
    • Mooring and riser dynamics
    • Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV)
  • Structural Engineering
    • Fatigue of welded structures
    • Disaster recovery/lifeline engineering related to structural survivability under earthquake, tsunami etc 
    • Corrosion
    • Steel wire rope

If you would like to contribute to the scholarship, please refer to the Monash University Giving page. 

Monash University Engineering PhD candidates should apply directly to Monash University.

History of the Award

This scholarship was originally established by AMOG in 2014 in memory of Emeritus Professor Paul Grundy. When Professor Andrew E. Potts passed away unexpectedly in March 2019, the scholarship was expanded to encourage study in his areas of expertise, as well as those of Prof Grundy.

The inaugural "AMOG Consulting Emeritus Professor Paul Grundy Memorial PhD Scholarship in Engineering" was awarded to Miss Han Fang, and presented at the 5th Annual Monash University Civil Engineering Postgraduate Conference in November 2014. As part of this award, Miss Han Fang received a top up Scholarship to pursue the final year of her full ­time PhD program of research in the Faculty of Engineering at Monash University as well as being provided with 6 weeks industry employment at AMOG to complement her research endeavours.


About Professor Andrew E. Potts

The Australian Marine and Offshore Group (which later became AMOG) was started by Professor Andrew E. Potts with the idea that there was an opening in the Australian offshore sector for a high tech service provider in the fields of advanced hydrodynamics, naval architecture and structural dynamics. Along with founding partners, Professors Hinwood, Grundy and Melchers, who were also Monash University alumni, Professor Potts established the business in Notting Hill, Victoria, where the head office still resides today.

Professor Potts completed his Bachelor of Engineering (Civil - Structural) at Monash and after a year in industry, returned to the university as a Research Assistant for the Environmental Fluid Dynamics Group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, whilst undertaking a Masters in Engineering Science across both the ocean and structural engineering fields. He subsequently took up a Department of Energy Research Fellowship at the University of Reading in the UK to completed his PhD, undertaking research into permanent mooring systems for floating offshore facilities and preparing his thesis entitled, "The Endurance of Steel Wire Ropes for Mooring Offshore Platforms.” Upon returning to Australia and establishing AMOG, Prof Potts maintained long term association with the University and, appearing as a regular guest lecturer at the Monash University Offshore Engineering Programme. In recognition of this long-standing relationship, he was appointed as a Professor of Practice in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in 2016.

During this time and under his stewardship, as Managing Director and CEO, AMOG expanded to other offices around Australia as well as Houston, Latin America, and the UK. The company also grew its service offerings, entering other market sectors such as mining, rail and transport, Defence and later, renewable energy. Prof Potts has received numerous awards including three Excellence Awards and one High Commendation Award from Engineers Australia, the Maritime Australia Civil Industry National Innovation Award, AIRG Medal for Australasian Technological Innovation, a City of Monash Business Association award for Most Outstanding Business in Monash, and numerous awards for the many papers that he authored and presented at technical engineering conferences around the world.

Prof Potts will be remembered for his boundless energy and enthusiasm for the engineering profession, his passion for delivering innovative solutions, and his devotion to sharing his knowledge.


About Emeritus Professor Paul Grundy

Emeritus Paul Grundy AM was a founding partner of AMOG Consulting, then known as the Australian Marine & Offshore Group, when the business first started in 1991. He was a long serving Director of AMOG and was involved in many large projects that the company undertook. Most notably he worked extensively on the Reliability of Bulk Carriers project, which was funded by the Australian Maritime Engineering Cooperative Research Centre for (AMECRC) and for which BHP Transport was a key partner and sponsor. Motivated by a desire to improve safety standards in this industry, Prof Grundy worked on the project which included instrumenting an actual bulk carrier, extensive numerical modelling and a vast array of seminars and conferences to highlight the research and findings.

In 1998 Prof Grundy co­founded the Monash University Offshore Engineering Program which offers Masters by Coursework degrees in Offshore Engineering disciplines, whilst also running industry short courses in a range of areas relevant to fixed, floating and subsea facilities engineering for the offshore oil and gas sector.

In 2012 Prof Grundy was awarded the Anton Tedesko Medal by the ISBSE Foundation for the Advancement of Structural Engineering – 'In recognition of his dedication to excellence in structural engineering and his role as a mentor for young engineers.' Many AMOG current and former staff will remember the dedication that he showed to his colleagues, taking time to share his knowledge and act as a mentor and role model.

Prof Grundy will be remembered for his tireless work in structural engineering with a central interest in the performance of structures in hostile environments under extreme dynamic and long term cyclic fatigue loading. This scholarship is to commemorate his work which resulted in research into load spectra, fatigue and fracture, incremental collapse risk assessment and life extension applied to cranes, bridges, ships (bulk carriers) and offshore structures with wrought iron, steel, concrete and composite materials.