AMOG remains committed to providing continuity of service and delivering the engineering solutions you need to support your business.

As we have done for over 30 years.

Operating in accordance with guidance from relevant local government and public health authorities across the globe, the health and welfare of both our employees and our clients remains a priority. We have implemented actions to reduce potential transmission of the COVID-19 virus and have online collaboration capabilities for our employees to communicate with each other and with you; so you may contact members of the AMOG team via email and phone, as you usually would.

We will be maintaining and updating this webpage, and our LinkedIn page, as/if conditions change.

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AMOG is an established world leader in delivering optimal solutions and high-end advice to a broad range of complex engineering problems.

Our expertise is employed across a number of industries including offshore engergy, Defence, Mining, Transport, Renewable Energy & Civil Maritime industries. We combine the expertise of qualified, practiced and forward-thinking engineers with the power of our international network.

We solve complex, challenging engineering problems by intimately understanding the breadth and depth of each issue; applying science and technology, combined with clever thinking, to conduct leading edge modelling, simulation and testing. We deliver our industry-leading scientific and engineering know-how to projects of any scale, assisting our clients to operate more profitably, effectively and safely.