Learning from experience involves monitoring, reviewing, and acting on, internal and external sources of information. Despite a company’s best efforts, operations do not always proceed as planned, so organisations must be ready to turn their mistakes – and those of others – into opportunities to improve process safety efforts.

Organisations should measure and review their compliance with the expectations of the process safety management framework and should ensure that they learn from these measurements and the finding from investigations.

Metrics provide timely feedback on the workings of process safety management systems, and management review, a periodic honest self-evaluation, helps sustain existing performance and drive improvement in areas of importance:

  • An essential aspect of process safety performance improvement is learning from incidents and 'near hits' and taking appropriate action to prevent their recurrence
  • Regular review and audit of compliance with the process safety management framework is vital to ensure that process safety performance continues to meet the defined targets and expectations.

Some of the services AMOG can offer to support you operations are:

  • Development of Process Safety Indicators
  • Process Safety Performance Reviews
  • Process Safety Management System Auditing
  • Incident Investigations