AMOG has extensive experience in all aspects of hydrodynamic analysis for small and large vessels, as well as moored floating offshore structures. AMOG has undertaken studies for a number of major defence and civilian maritime companies, government regulatory bodies, and has undertaken numerous projects in the commercial oil and gas sector. AMOG’s extensive hydrodynamic analysis experience ranges from sea keeping assessment, to design of moorings, greenwater analysis, uptime analysis and structural loads associated with vessel operations. Previous analyses have included both single and multi body configurations, and have addressed vessel motions in extreme seas and in confined waterways.

Based on previous project experience, AMOG is able to advise clients on:

  • Hydrodynamics of Coupled Floating Bodies
  • Vessel Response in Extreme Sea-states
  • Green Water Analysis
  • Forward Speed and High Current Speed Effects
  • Vessel Motions and Interaction in Confined 
  • Non-linear Mooring Stiffness Effects
  • Form, Skin Friction and Mooring Line Drag 
  • Relative Motions and Forces between Bodies
  • Coupling Forces and Hydrodynamic Interaction Forces
  • Mean, Low Frequency, Wave Frequency Loads
  • Wind, Wave and Current Effects
  • Modelling of Stabilisers, U-tanks,Rudders and 
  • Fatigue Analysis of Vessels including Slamming 
Load Effects
  • Numerical Modelling and Scale Model Testing
  • Operability Limits based on Crew and