AMOG is able to provide technical reviews of tenders for a wide range of mooring equipment, riser and umbilical systems, turret arrangements and fluid transfer systems. AMOG is an independent consultancy which is well qualified to provide technically informed evaluations of tenders due to its experience and expertise in the areas of mooring, riser, turret and fluid transfer system design. In addition, AMOG has provided these services to not only equipment providers but also service industries, such as evaluation of model test basins, testing facilities and missiom bridge simulators.

AMOG offers the following services relating to tender review:

  • Technical and Commercial Matters Pertaining to Tender 
  • Preferred Suppliers Based on a Transparent and Independent Technical Evaluation of Supply Documentation 
  • Non Compliance of Tenders 
  • Key areas of Technical, Commcercial, Schedule and Contractual Risk Within Tenders 
  • Key Omissions Within Tenders 
  • Identification of Key Contract Interfaces and Development of Interface Management Strategies 
  • Key Queries to Tenderers 
  • Differentiation Matrix of Each Tender