AMOG is able to perform detailed uptime analyses for various floating production systems, offloading arrangements, system configurations and facility specific operations. Using site specific or general metocean data and in-house design tools, AMOG can conduct long term predictions of the mean vessel heading and most probable vessel motions. Furthermore, via use of equipment failure rates, mean time to repair, storage volumes and production profiles, the global uptime and availability of facilities can be predicted. In addition, operational costs associated with deferred production and shipping penalties (demurrage) can be estimated and subsequently included in cost optimisation studies. 

AMOG is able to support clients by offering the following services relating to uptime analyses:

  • Concept Feasibility 
  • Percentage of Expected Uptime for Various Different Concept Configurations 
  • Key Operational Drivers and Sensitivities 
  • Mooring and SPM Requirements and Options 
  • Offloading Envelope 
  • Berthing and Departing Operational Procedures/Requirements
  • Benefits of Throttle Assisted Heading Control
  • Support Vessel Requirements
  • Considerations for Daytime, Night-time and Seasonal Operations
  • System Modifications Required to Improve Uptime and Operational Reliability
  • System Economics (Uptime Performance versus CAPEX/OPEX)