With over 25 years of experience in engineering solutions for the offshore oil and gas sector, AMOG has developed expertise in the verification and re-qualification of offshore and marine componentry and mooring equipment. Verification and re-qualification may involve detailed structural and mechanical design including mooring equipment;

  • Post yield and ultimate capacity assessment
  • Fatigue life assessment based on N-N/T-N or crack growth rate approaches
  • XFEM and BS 7910 crack growth prediction
  • Capacity reduction due to fabrication defects and installation issues
  • Design of bushes for high loads and continuous immersion
  • Inspection and test supervision
  • Re-assessment of damaged mooring chains and wires

and detailed structural and mechanical design of new mooring jewellery, and re-qualification of refurbished components including:

  • Spelter sockets
  • Fish plates and H-Links
  • Articulated padeyes and connectors
  • Guide and hanger arrangements