The Smart Mooring Integrity Checker (SMIC) is an automated mooring integrity monitoring system which can detect mooring line failures in both storms and benign conditions. SMIC provides 24/7 oversight of your floating asset and, using DPGS data alone, can alert the operator when a failure condition may have occurred. SMIC provides rapid indications of failure to allow for immediate response planning, mitigating latent risks to environment, production and personnel safety.

SMIC achieves this using machine learning algorithms to understand and describe the underlying mooring system behaviour without the need for complex numerical models of the hull and mooring system.
Once the SMIC system is deployed it is able to predict mooring failures in real time and provide a simple "traffic light" output of mooring system integrity. Detailed interactive metrics of system performance are also available in real time for analysis by technical experts.

AMOG has extensive experience working with operators to integrate the SMIC system securely within the protocols of their existing IT infrastructure and available data. For more information, click here.