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Ports & Marine

AMOG has a successful and proven track record of providing leading engineering solutions in the civil maritime sector, including ports, harbours, breakwaters, jetties, piles, and on-land and subsea infrastructure.

Our well resourced team of highly qualified, experienced engineers can apply our extensive experience in marine engineering, hydrodynamics, structural engineering, physical model testing and numerical modelling to these types of projects. AMOG has extensive experience in providing specialist technical advice for the design and assessment of ports, harbours, breakwaters, jetties, piles as well as on-land and subsea infrastructure. AMOG has also been involved in port availability risk assessments and uptime analyses, concept level studies for port and shipbuilding facility developments, and providing third party engineering advice.

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AMOG can conduct detailed analyses of both single and multi body configurations, addressing vessel motions in extreme seas, confined waterways and at various speeds. In addition to vessel motions, AMOG has experience in the analysis and design of Ports and Harbours, dedicated terminals, and the associated waterside equipment and harbour infrastructure.