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AMOG has a proven track record of providing advanced engineering solutions in the mining sector and provide engineering services across the supply chain including: mining, processing, refining and transportation (road, rail and sea) infrastructure. Our global clients include iron ore, coal, copper, gold, nickel, aluminium, diamonds, and manganese.

Our areas of specilisation includes the analysis, design and assessment of facilities, plants, and other mining infrastructure. 

Our general services to the mining sector include:

  • Asset Integrity Management, Reliability, and Product Optimisation
  • WHS Compliance, Formal Safety Assessments, Functional Safety Assessments, Safety Management Systems and Safety Cases
  • Structural Assessments and Design, Engineering and Verification Support, Throughput Upgrade and Life Extension Studies
  • Condition Monitoring and Instrumentation of Structures
  • Services for Rope Winding and Hoisting Systems, including Cable Belt Conveyers
  • Corrosion Management
  • Ports and Marine Engineering
  • Forensic Engineering

We work closely with owners and operators to reduce technical risk and complexity, optimise operations, and implement integrity management plans, to:

  • Minimise Refurbishment Costs and Disruptions to Operations
  • Reduce Future Maintenance and Operating Costs
  • Reduce Spares Inventory and Improve Reliability of Parts Replacement Schedules
  • Reduce Risk of Operational Failure and increase Design Life of the Structure
  • METS Ignited FInalist web