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Our People

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At AMOG we pride ourselves on the calibre of our people.

“In an industry that is changing fast, firms such as AMOG must continually revise and advance their range of services and products, to be the first to identify, develop and ride the 'next wave.'"

Dr Andrew Potts, AMOG Founder

The infusion of new technology, investment in research and development of new and superior analytical approaches, is central to what we do at AMOG.

One of the reasons why we are ready and prepared to ride ‘the next wave’ is that we employ some of the best minds in the industry. We have a long history of employing highly educated and extremely skilled staff with strong backgrounds in research-based learning and we strive to maintain a challenging and enjoyable working environment that attracts and maintains skilled staff. Over 50% of our employees have double degrees or higher qualifications.

 AMOG Qualifications Chart