AMOG is able to perform design analyses using advanced numerical techniques and state-of-the-art software, covering a broad range of issues pertinent to the design of offshore aquaculture mooring systems. This includes the modelling and analysis of mooring systems for multi-pen facilities, feed barges, and combined fully coupled systems.

AMOG provides expert advice on the preparation, analysis, and review of metocean data which is crucial to the design of offshore aquaculture mooring systems. Utilising our diverse capabilities, we can also provide expert opinion in relation to both operational issues and failure investigations.

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  • Fish FarmFish Farm Mooring Design

AMOG is able to support clients by offering the following services in relation to aquaculture mooring system design:

  • Detailed design of aquaculture mooring
  • Systems in accordance with NS 9415.E
  • Dynamic time domain analysis of multi-pen arrangement fish farms under combined wind, wave and current loading
  • Evaluation of hydrodynamic forces on feed barges via 3D diffraction-radiation analysis for subsequent dynamic time domain mooring analysis
  • Guidance for anchor selection and installation/proof loading procedures
  • Mooring system installation analysis and support
  • Expert review of metocean data, including data analysis of existing metocean records and development of key survival and operation conditions
  • Advanced engineering analysis and detailed design of structural components using implicit and explicit non-linear finite element analysis techniques
  • Failure investigations and forensic engineering
  • Support in the physical destructive testing and chemical composition testing of mooring hardware