AMOG has expert knowledge in providing software engineering services, and we have been providing software assurance services to Defence for more than 10 years.

Software Safety is an element of the overall system safety and software development processes. AMOG has considerable experience in conducting and integrating Software Safety and Software Assurance activities into safe system design. Through industry accepted methodologies and best practices, AMOG can quantitative and qualitative information to assess the software contribution to system level failure modes.

AMOG has considerable experience in developing software specifications, statement of work clauses and developing associated contract deliverable requirements. We can also assist in developing Software Specific Systems Safety Requirements.

With extensive practical experience in the application of Defence-recognised software assurance standards, in all stages of the program, AMOG's expertise includes the following specialist areas:

  • High integrity software systems:
    • Assessment of the assurance capability of software systems to perform for high integrity systems
    • This includes the assessment of capability critical software intensive systems (ATMS, Weapon Systems, Control Systems, Safety Systems etc)
  • Safety Critical Software systems:
    • Software Integrity Level (SIL) assessments in accordance with RTCA/DO-178C, IEC61508-3 and EN50128
    • Specialisation in the assessment of safety critical designs of micro-controllers and PLC based systems
  • Software Security:
    • Expert advice in the application of security guidelines in accordance with ISO/IEC 27034
  • Software Development Management Systems:
    • Expert advice in software development environments in accordance with IEEE 12207
  • Specialist software assurance training