My time at AMOG was spent in the Marine and Structures department with the Structures team. My main project for the vacation program was to develop the in-house post-processing FE software package known as SIAFEM. My task was to implement an ANSI360 code checker to function alongside the existing AS4100 code checker. My secondary project was to assist in analysing the data from AMOG's wave energy converter. I was also given a variety of smaller jobs to assist the engineers with their various tasks.

The main challenges I faced were with my limited programming experience and working in areas where I had not completed the relevant courses at Uni. However, these challenges were generally short lived as I was offered more than enough help from people who have a lot of experience in these areas. I found the work place environment to be one of the highlights of my time at AMOG. The professional and collaborative environment that is encouraged at

AMOG made coming to work each day an enjoyable experience. Everyone was more than happy to help however they could and showed genuine interest in what I was working in and how I could overcome any challenges.

Throughout my time at AMOG I felt as if I was a regular member of the staff and at no stage felt like I was "just" a vacation student. When I was asked to give my opinion it was listened to and it taken on board as if I was a qualified engineering working for the company. This helped make my experiences here very enjoyable.


Note: In 2021, Brody started working for AMOG full time in our Graduate Engineer Program.