"I completed my vacation work at AMOG following my penultimate year at Monash University, where I studied a Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering and Commerce. I worked for three months over the summer break in the Marine and Infrastructure Group, where I studied the characteristics of squalls (which are extreme transient wind events) and their effect on floating structures such as FPSOs (FloatingProduction, Storage and Offload vessels).

I had to hit the ground running during my first few days of vacation work, as my work involved technically challenging tasks including statistical analysis,

extreme value analysis and hydrodynamic simulations. During this time, I was humbled by the amount of support and oversight I received from senior engineers at AMOG. It was incredibly motivating to have such interest shown in my work from my new colleagues and superiors, and there was barely a dull moment during my three months there.

Later the next year, I couldn’t have been happier to be accepted into a graduate position at AMOG."

Having worked at AMOG's office in Melbourne as Vacation Student in the summer of 2011/12, Kanishka went on to complete the AMOG Graduate Program. He is now a Lead Engineer and the Team Lead of the Digital Systems Engineering section at AMOG. Kanishka and has authored, co-authored and presented a number of published technical papers.