"I was studying Civil Engineering at Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John’s, Canada. As part of my Bachelor of Engineering (Co-operative) Degree. I sought out a work placement at AMOG’s Head Office in Melbourne as I had heard of their impressive reputation for diverse, challenging projects as well as technical excellence.

After expressing my interest in working for AMOG, the company offered me the opportunity to come to Melbourne for a work placement from September-December, 2014.

During my 14 weeks working at AMOG, I was exposed to a range of interesting projects including design validation of an offshore clamp, feasibility studies on straps for use in an offshore environment, graphing vibrational data, Finite Element (FE) modelling and analysis, determining varying marine growth profile on a Wellhead Platform, and research and development for AMOG’s own structural fatigue analysis software SIAFEM.

I would highly recommend a work placement with AMOG for anyone looking for diverse, technically challenging engineering work and a professionally and personally fulfilling workplace."

Christine worked at AMOG's office in Melbourne as Vacation Student in 2014, before returning to Canada to continue her studies.