As a more cost-effective solution, the offshore oil and gas industry is increasingly looking to extend the life of ageing production assets past the original design intent. 

The challenges to increased life include; ensuring integrity given potential modifications to the floating or fixed asset, modifications to the loading design conditions over their service life, as well as the accumulative effect of fatigue loading on key structural components.

More than 25 years of engineering experience with offshore structures, leading numerous Joint Industry Projects, and expertise in corrosion and other degradation mechanisms, means that AMOG is uniquely placed to assist in the engineering and planning for refurbishments and re-certification of assets in order to extend their operating life.

AMOG has looked at the adoption of reliability methods for re-certification and life extension, particularly when dealing with less tangible residual life criteria.

Now, advances in condition monitoring for moored FPSOs and fixed offshore platforms, combined with risk-based inspection criteria are assisting in extending the operation of productive assets beyond their original design life, whilst minimising ongoing costs.

In particular, AMOG's work in the area of Mooring Integrity Management (MIM) is now being developed for Model Guidelines for MIM.