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Process Safety Management

Fatalities, injuries, property damage and business interruption can cause a substantial drop in share price and loss of market share for a company. Disruption of normal business activity can cause a temporary loss of corporate direction by diverting senior management’s attention from running the business to overseeing damage control. Additionally, company officers may be subject to personal liability and even criminal charges. Process safety is a blend of engineering and general management. It focuses on preventing catastrophic accidents and near hits associated with a loss of containment of energy or hazardous chemicals. These engineering and general management skills exceed those required for managing workplace safety, as they impact people, property and the environment.

AMOG can provide support in the implementation, monitoring, auditing and improvement of company wide process safety management programmes, as well as specialised expertise in all elements of process safety management:

  • Process safety leadership and governance
  • Process safety competence
  • Workforce involvement and stakeholder engagement
  • Process safety information
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment (PHA)
  • Management of Safety Critical Elements
  • Control of work / Safe work practices
  • Operating manuals and procedures
  • Handover and conduct of operations
  • Operational readiness and pre-startup safety reviews
  • Management of technical and organisational change
  • Management of project process safety risk
  • Asset integrity
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Contractor management
  • Compliance to standards and regulations
  • Process safety monitoring, audit, assurance and review

AMOG currently employs Professional Process Safety Engineers, certified by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE). AMOG is both on the panel of Comcare approved Safety Case Assessors and the panel of Specialist Technical Consultants. Furthermore, to demonstrate our commitment to advancing process safety worldwide, AMOG is an active member of the IChemE Safety Centre.