The development of analytical, numerical and wave basin models to demonstrate the viability of AMOG's WEC device.

Phase 1 of the AMOG’s Wave Energy Converter (AMOG WEC) testing was conducted throughout 2016 and 2017, culminating in wave tank testing at the Australian Maritime College (AMC) in late 2017, demonstrating the potential of the patent-pending device at model scale.

Tank Testing

Small scale physical tank testing of the WEC was conducted at the Australian Maritime College (AMC), University of Tasmania, Australia. The tank is 100m long and 3.55m wide, with a standard water depth of 1.5m. A wet backed bottom hinged flap-type wavemaker is installed at one end of the tank, with passive wave absorbers fitted both to the one side and the opposing end of the tank.

The figure below shows the actual model in the tank, with six markers used on the hull and three on the pendulum, capturing the vessel motions.

S WEC Tank Test

You can read more about AMOG's WEC testing at AMC's website.