Hunter, K.C., De Souza, P.M., de Souza, F.M, and Carra, C., Paper Number OTC-7699, Proceedings of Offshore Technology Conference, 1-4 May, Houston, Texas, USA, 1995.


The Griffin field was developed using a state-of-the-art Floating Production Storage and Offloading facility (FPSO). The field development was complicated by the fact that there were three fields, Griffin, Chinook and Scindian to be developed and that within each field there were two separate and distinctly different producing formations, The subsea configuration was therefore aimed 'at permitting the two reservoirs to be depleted independently and with high reliability. The FPSO was designed to be capable of producing 12,720 m 3day of stabilised crude, Unlike previous FPSO projects, where the gas has been flared, Griffin gas is treated offshore to produce a sales gas stream having a hydrocarbon dewpoint of -5ºC and a water dewpoint of -30ºC. The emergence of tougher environmental and safety rules Icd to the decision to build a so-called double-hulled vessel. The mooring system is an enhanced disconnectable riser turret type and was engineered and designed by BHPP. The swivel stack is the most complex produced by BHPP to date and comprises 4 x 6 inch and 2 x 10 inch paths as well as an electrohydraulic control swivel. First production was achieved 22 months after project approval. Governments are placing an increased emphasis on the recovery of associated gas and future developments being planned may see the introduction of simultaneous production of crude and LPG/methanol.


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