AMOG is committed to conducting business in an open and accountable way. AMOG strives to maintain a high standard of integrity, shareholder conMdence and good corporate governance. This can only be achieved and maintained if those with whom AMOG does business are confident that AMOG employees are not influenced by gifts, benefits and bribery, nor seek to unduly influence its clients or government offcials by corrupt business practices.

AMOG will achieve its integrity goals by ensuring that:

  • AMOG will not engage in corrupt business practices;
  • AMOG will implement measures to prevent bribery and corruption by any director, employee, contractor or other party representing AMOG;
  • AMOG will, at a minimum, comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards or, where internal policies require a higher standard, will apply and comply with such higher standard;
  • records of any gifts, hospitality or entertainment above a prescribed value are maintained.

This policy applies globally. AMOG employees are subject to the laws of the country they are either living in, or visiting for the purposes of work.

The above statement is an abridged version of our full Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy. If you need more information or a copy of our policy document, please contact us.