Industry Corrosion Database – SCORECARD (Seawater Corrosion Of RopEs and Chains Advanced Reliability Data)

  • One outcome of the broad scope of the SCORCH JIP has been the collection of a wealth of corrosion data relevant to the industry. Rather than abandon this data, it is proposed that this database be developed, updated and analyzed as part of an industry-wide Corrosion Database - SCORECARD.
  • The Corrosion Database will be designed to track corrosion rates from ongoing inspections and retrievals and use them to better predict corrosion rates and the corresponding impact on the life of the wire ropes and chain.


The SCORCH JIP Database:

  • Currently includes measurements of hundreds of chain links & wire ropes from over 30 FPSOs
  • Involved 3+ years of laboratory & field trials
  • Investigated little-understood degradation mechanisms, including chain pitting and interplay of chain wear & corrosion
  • Provides an invaluable opportunity to grow industry knowledge of corrosion, and act as a yardstick for future inspection measurements

Large Set of Tests Conducted


  • Measurements from 18 facilities
  • 388 chain coupon and chain link tests

Wire Rope:

  • 355 measurements from 13 facilities
  • 373 wire and wire rope tests

Outline of Proposed Service

  • Subscription service available to SCORCH JIP members
  • Subscribers contribute chain and wire rope inspection records
  • Subscribers receive:
    • Report comparing their measurements to previous industry data
    • An annual report on all measurements received (data kept anonymous) including trends and areas of concern

Benefits from establishing a Corrosion Database

Ongoing information and input data can be captured and provided to assist industry

  • Owners and operators to benefit from corrosion database via independent analysis and standardized reporting at set intervals per annum
  • More effective predictive results can be facilitated from the corrosion rates quantification and correlation with numerical models

Informed Outcomes

Individual subscribers will receive a report comparing the latest submitted measurements with existing database information

  • Annual report of all data measurements received with updated trends and advice provided to JIP members though source of data kept anonymous
  • Proposed AGM be scheduled to coincide with the FPSO Forum or other relevant industry conference
  • Correspondence of any other relevant information pertaining to the JIP as and when relevant

Industry Advantages

Best Practice

More detailed and comprehensive database

  • More effective understanding of corrosion mechanisms and influencing factors
  • Current understanding greatly enhanced through additional data and new contributors to the database
  • Avoids database information and findings being static & stale
  • Management by independent party will ensure data and information collected anonymously
  • No concerns of commercially sensitive information being linked to a particular facility or operator

Delivery of JIP Objectives

Delivery of JIP objectives achieved through:

  • Expanding the scope of the database to include more facilities
  • Standardizing the collection, analysis and reporting of corrosion degradation
  • Using the expanded database and increase in data to provide anonymity to JIP subscribers

For further information, contact:

Mr. Jeremy Rosen
Phone: +61 3 9542 3700