Charrett, D., and Holland, C. (2015). Published in Australian Construction Law Bulletin, September 2013.

A previous paper1 outlined the significant changes in work health and safety (WHS) legislation in Australia since 2011. That paper discussed the general terms that one of he most significant developments in the new harmonised Work Health and Safety Act (the Act) and Work health and Safety Regulations (Regulations) is the formalisation of higher WHS obligations on organisations that design, manufacture, import or supply products. However, as noted un the previous paper, the new harmonised legislation has not yet been implemented in all Australian states and territories.

This paper looks in more detail at the specific new WHS obligations that have now been imposed on a design organisation by the harmonised legislation.


1 Holland, C., and Charrett, D. (2013) "WHS in Australia - the current state of play." Published in Australian Construction Law Bulletin, edn 46. 

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