Vibration Measurement Data Analytics, Machine Learning (ML), Digital Twin Refinement

AMOG conducted an investigation to demonstrate technology for efficient dump truck and Run Of Mine (ROM) operations. Technology developed to link the sensor units to a display console in the driver’s cabin and on to a cloud-based dashboard enabled pre-set threshold alarm alerts to be provided to the driver in real time and facilitate appropriate remedial action.

AMOG’s IoT-connected monitoring devices are capable of streaming the data in real time using lightweight protocols over 3G/4G connections, which can be accessed by authorised users from any remote location with an internet connection.

For this client, the data analysis investigation conducted by AMOG established confidence in using robust and effective monitoring sensor devices to provide ML capability that could survive in a harsh mining environment. The recorded sensor data was detected to a high level of accuracy, whilst minimising false positive readings.

Edge Devices: Accelerometers

Bridge/Comms: Data logger