Wave Rider Energy was developing a prototype Wave Energy Converter, the prototype Wave Energy Converter to be installed off the coast of Elliston, on the west coast of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. 

AMOG was engaged by Wave Rider Energy to assist with the project. This included the preparation of a Basis of Design for the Wave Rider device mooring system as well as undertaking a survey of locally available marine assets that could be used for the launch of the fabricated structure, and marine operations associated with its installation offshore. 

AMOG also prepared a number of mooring concept designs, costing studies and hydrodynamic analyses for mooring concepts and deplopment methods for the device. 

This work resulted in a final concept mooring design selection from which AMOG was to prepare the final design solution for the mooring. AMOG was also to undertake a towing analysis for the installation of the Wave Rider to the mooring as well as provide project management support to Wave Rider for all marine operations associated with the installation of the mooring and device itself.