Sydney Metro North West Power Control System Safety Assurance, Sydney Metro North West Tunnel Ventilation Safety Assurance.

Northwest Rapid Transit (NRT) is delivering Sydney’s new generation metro trains; building the new stations and car parks; installing tracks, signalling, mechanical and electrical systems; building and operating the Rapid Transit Rail Facility (RTRF) at Tallawong Road; upgrading and converting the railway between Epping to Chatswood to rapid transit standards; and operating Sydney Metro Northwest – including all maintenance work.

The Tunnel Ventilation System (TVS) was required to provide a means of monitoring and remotely controlling the temperature and exhaust within the tunnel during all modes of operation.

The Power Control System (PCS) was required to provide a means of monitoring and remotely controlling Bulk Power Supply, high voltage (HV) Reticulation, Traction Power Supply, Electrification System equipment and low voltage (LV) main switchboards for NWRL in a safe, reliable and accurate manner.

AMOG was engaged to conduct the safety assurance aspects of the TVS and PCS elements of the overall NRT design packages. This included: conducting Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA); developing the Hazard Log; conducting SIL allocation and determining Safety Functions; developing the Safety Requirements Specification (SRS); developing the Safety Test Specification (STS); conducting SIL verification (Hardware) to determine compliance with EN50126/EN50129; and conduct SIL verification (software) to determine compliance with EN50128. The TVS was evaluated as a SIL2 system.