The Société de la Rocade L2 de Marseille (SRL2) engaged AMOG to conduct a literature review of the state of the art in road tunnel air quality improvement technology in support of design and construction of a series of cut-and-cover road tunnels as part of the Rocade L2 (A507) project in Marseille, France.

AMOG investigated the options employed in road tunnels around the world for improving air quality, with a focus on their effectiveness in decreasing pollutants and their related financial costs and greenhouse emissions.

The areas of investigation undertaken by AMOG included:

  • Air pollution and contaminant concentration limits adopted for ambient air and for road tunnel projects internationally
  • Air quality improvement strategies that are applicable to road tunnels, including ventilation and contaminant removal technology
  • Contaminant removal technologies that can be applied to road tunnels
  • International experience of use of contaminant removal technology in road tunnels

And studies on the:

  • Cost effectiveness of and removal efficiency of real road tunnel applications of containment removal technology
  • Alternatives to air filtration technology that can be utilised to improve tunnel air quality
  • Air quality monitoring instrumentation, with a particular emphasis on the specific demands presented by measuring in road tunnels