AMOG was comissioned to provide Pre-feasibility and FEED engineering support to BHPB for a development in fields in South East Asia.

This support included management and client support on mooring, hull and riser systems for pre-feasibility phase and management of mooring design constraints including all technical analysis associated with defining the mooring functional constraints and riser integration issues.

The scope included development of vessel dynamic motions and weathervaning to assist in deck layout development. AMOG provided a review of the metocean data and provided and developed design criteria for specific design aspects.

The role also included consideration of geotechnical data with respect to anchoring design, and development of functional specification for mooring design. AMOG also provided a Senior Naval Architect into the project team, reporting to FPSO Conversion Manager who was responsible for managing all marine related conversion aspects and integration of the mooring/riser systems & topsides into converted hull options.