AMOG undertook Market-leading work developing the capability to dock ANZAC Class vessels at the CUF floating dry dock in Perth which, at the time, had two sets of submarine cradles.

 AMOG conducted Docking studies (mooring, manoeuvring/modelling, procurement), cradle design, construction drawings and engineering support. Our engineers produced docking & undocking calculations for several evolutions and produced production drawings for the fabrication of bilge blocks and new timber keel blocks, including required modification to the existing CUF cradles.

This scope included a concept-level study of options for the expansion of the AMC CUF to service RAN ships and submarines. AMOG undertook an evaluation of cost, schedule, risk and flexibility for thirteen options of the facility expansion. Construction methodologies, repair requirements, and launch & recovery operations of each option were assessed, and preferred options for the expansion were identified before the recommended option for the facility expansion, installation of a floating dry dock, was adopted and developed into a concept design.

AMOG was then engaged to conduct a review of the concept design. This study also incorporated evaluation of the options for procurement and construction of the floating dock, including new build and refurbished floating docks, and local, overseas and mixed construction/refurbishment options. Aspects including cost, schedule, risk and flexibility of each option, were assessed. In support of the development of the floating dock concept design, AMOG was commissioned to conduct a numerical analysis of a proposed mooring and manoeuvring arrangement for the floating dock. This study incorporated analysis of the spectral wind loadings due to the prevailing environmental conditions at the site, as well as hydrodynamic effects, in order to provide input into the feasibility of the proposed system as a means of adequately controlling the dock motions. The results of the study also provided valuable advice on the line loadings and the sizing requirements of such a mooring system. In parallel with the analysis AMOG conducted a high level study to identify alternative manoeuvring and propulsion options for the floating dry dock.