AMOG has worked closely with Joy Global to conduct Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) analysis, DFMEA, and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Assessments on various types of machinery used by the miner on Australian sites. These have included:

  • 12ED25 Continuous Miner and Roof Bolter (a high capacity, remote controlled new generation miner bolter machine)
  • BF14 Breaker (a mobile conveyor system that incorporates a pick type breaker)
  • 4FCT Flexible Conveyor Train (a long, fixed-length, mobile belt conveyor that moves along mine entries and around corners)

AMOG has also been engaged by Joy Mining machinery to conduct an Energy Barrier Analysis on the 12CM30 Miner-Bolter to identify the potentially harmful energy sources to which personnel may be exposed when performing various operating and maintenance tasks, and to conduct a full SIL assessment on the large heavy duty unit 10SC42 Shuttle Car.