AMOG has recently performed analyses to identify the potential for improvements in the performance of floating hose transfer systems operating in 60 m of water in the Middle East. The two CALM Buoys each have two floating double-carcass marine hose strings that connect to FSOs. 

The floating hoses provide permanent oil import and produced water export from the FSOs. The hoses are required to operate in a challenging environment of high sea states and large currents. The floating hose analysis assessed the impact of the environment on the hose string and CALM Buoy connections.

In addition, AMOG also performed detailed analyses of the hawser system in order to improve the overall hawser and chafe chain system behaviour. These studies considered assessments of vessel motions, hawser tensions and chafe chain behaviour for a range of alternative hawser configurations and hawser lengths. Calibration studies were performed using field measurements of hawser tension and environmental data.