About the Burrendong Dam Project

The installation of a temperature control structure at Burrendong Dam in Central West NSW benefited communities along the Macquarie River, improving river health by enabling warmer water from the surface of the dam to be released downstream, instead of cold water from the bottom of the dam.

The $4 million project involved installation of a flexible, cylindrical, curtain around the intake tower of the dam below the surface of the water which can be raised and lowered depending on the water level of the dam and downstream requirements.

The resultant change in downstream river temperature was intended to greatly enhance survival rates for native fish, improve river ecology, and boost recreation and tourism in towns along the river.

AMOG played a key role in the concept design and performance assessment of the structure, which is the first of its type in the world, and was also involved in the design review and construction support for the structure.

To find out more about Burrendong Dam, click here.
You can also find information on the State Water Corporation (NSW) website.


AMOG joint winner of 2014 Sydney Engineering Excellence Award

The Excellence award was bestowed upon AMOG Consulting as a joint entrant with State Water Corporation (NSW) and Geotechnical Engineering, for the work completed on the Burrendong Dam temperature control structure. The curtain technology is an engineering first for Australia, the first of its type in the world, and may be implemented at other dams across the state following this project.

burrendong dam

Congratulations to Andrew Thomson, AMOG's Head of Marine and Infrastructure and Olaf Rutgrink, Senior Engineer at AMOG, who were on hand to accept the award. Andrew and Olaf played key roles in the concept design and performance assessment of the structure as well as in the design review and construction support.

Congratulations also go to Guresh Ahuja, Project Manager at State Water Corporation (NSW) who also won the PMI Project of the Year Award for the Burrendong Dam Project, and to the team at Geotechnical Engineering.