After an undetected CALM buoy mooring line failure, continuing operation of the terminal can have catastrophic consequences in the event of a second mooring line failure, particularly if the incident were to occur during offloading.

This can have significant environmental and economic implications.

AMOG has developed Smart systems to automatically detect failures.

Early detection of a change in system behaviour can enable processes to be put in place to develop modified offtake procedures, potentially allowing offloading to continue whilst mooring line repair is coordinated and executed. This significantly reduces the risk of further failure and the resulting environmental and economic ramifications.

At SLOM 2020, AMOG’s Andres Tovar will be presenting a case study on how a smart detection system can be deployed in field and enable a rapid response plan.

Register online now and tune in at 15:30 on Day 2 (October 8) to find out more.