Welcome to #OTC2018 in Houston TX.

This year OTC celebrates 50 years of bringing together energy professionals from around the world to exchange ideas and opinions, and to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters. On behalf of the authors, AMOG's Prof Andrew Potts will be presenting 3 technical papers at OTC:


"Mooring Chain Wear Experiments and Findings" OTC-28737

Technical Session: Advances in Mooring Technology

Time: Monday 30 April at 9:30am

Location: Rm 312


"SCORCH JIP - Overview of Project and Summary of Findings" OTC-29017

Session: Poster Lounge II at 9:52am


"Advancements in Guidance for the Specification and Assessment of Mooring Steel Wire Rope" OTC-28812

Session: Floating System and Integrity Management Standards

Time: Thursday 3 May at 9:30am

Location: Rm 600


If you are attending OTC this year, we hope to see you there. If you would like more information on the technical papers listed above, you can contact OnePetro or contact AMOG.