Once again, AMOG has been invited to present at SLOM XIII - Jornada de Operadores de Terminales Maritimo Petroleros y Monoboyas. Director of Latin America, Andrés Tovar, will be presenting two of AMOG's most respected Joint Industry Projects; SCORCH y FEARS Proyectos de Investigación para Entender la Corrosión en Activos Marinos Dinámicos, on Thursday 5th October at 14:30. If you would like to ask Andrés more questions about the presentation or AMOG, please drop by the AMOG Coffee Break Space on Wednesday 4th October at 10:30am and/or at 16:00.


About SLOM

The Sociedad Latinoamericana de Operadores de Terminales Maritimo Petroleros y Monoboyas (SLOM) is backed by some of the most important companies in the industrial and maritime sector. SLOM 2017 aims to share experiences and learned lessons in the operation and maintenance of Marine Oil Terminals, including those who have Monobuoy offshore facilities. The event's objective is to make our Marine Oil Ports safer, cleaner and more efficient and competitive. This annual conference is the best forum for learning about new technologies and specialized products and services for the oil, marine and port sector of Latin America, and from around the world.

SLOM 2017 will be held in Cartagena, Colombia, 3-5 October for 2017. For more information, please visit the SLOM website.