Late last month, AMOG's Dr Hayden Marcollo and Gary Farrow presented technical papers at the 36th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE) conference in Trondheim, Norway. Their presentations covered drilling riser case studies, fatigue performance of offshore mooring chains, and a new wave energy converter.

Session details and links for more information can be found below:

Session: Offshore Technology - Simulations of Floaters and Moorings

OMAE2017-62218 Investigations into Fatigue Performance of Offshore Mooring Chains

Presented by: Gary Farrow


Session: Ocean Renewable Energy - Innovative Concepts

OMAE2017-62219 Drilling Riser Case Studies Comparing the Drag Performance of LGS technology to Conventional Buoyancy Units and Fairings

Presented by: Dr Hayden Marcollo


Session: Pipelines, Risers and Subsea Systems - Analysis

OMAE2017-62220 A New Class of Wave Energy Converter (with no moving parts in the water) - The Floating Pendulum Dynamic Vibration Absorber

Presented by: Dr Hayden Marcollo


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Since 2003, the OMAE conference has more than tripled in size, drawing attendance of up to 1000 people. The annual OMAE conference is an international assembly of engineers, researchers, technical specialists, and students in the fields of ocean, offshore and arctic engineering. It provides and opportunity to exchange ideas on the advances in technology and its scientific support.