AMOG's Andrew Kilner (Senior Vice President) and Dan Washington (Director of International Operations) will be presenting at the forthcoming API-SC2 and FEAT Committee meetings in June 2016.

For a number of years, AMOG Consulting Inc has been contracted to conduct research-based projects for the DeepStar® consortium, including DeepStar® Phase XI CTR 11405, Development of Guidelines for Risk-Based Mooring Integrity Management.

DeepStar® Project 11405 sponsored the development of an industry guideline for the application of risk based asset integrity management practices to permanent mooring systems for floating production facilities. This project was developed to address knowledge gaps in existing industry guidance on the application of asset integrity management practices to mooring systems. The requirement for improved mooring integrity management practices was emphasized by a survey of mooring failures and replacements conducted during the DeepStar® project, which identified that the rate of that mooring systems failed or required replacement was occurring at levels well above the general industry accepted probability of failure. The completed guidelines provided a comprehensive framework for the establishment of mooring integrity management programs for facilities across all life-cycle phases, from early concept development, to FEED, installation, commissioning, and operation phases.

Specific practices and activities to be conducted at each phase are identified, such that the facility operator can manage the mooring system to reduce the potential for latent design, fabrication or installation errors, monitor levels of degradation, and maintain the integrity of the mooring system across its life, whilst fulfilling the risk profile of the individual facility, as well as corporate, regulatory and class inspection requirements. DeepStar® has recently approved public release of the Guidelines, which have been identified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) as a suitable basis for a new Recommended Practice for Mooring Integrity Management, API RP 2MIM.