Sponsored by AMOG, the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) Melbourne will be hosting a Diving and ROV Forum this Wednesday (16th March)

SUT Melbourne presents a documentary film, created by Bibby Offshore, on the successful rescue of a diver who became detached from his umbilical and was stranded on the seabed.  The screening will be followed by a Q&A panel discussion, with diving and ROV experts, and networking drinks.


About the evening's panellists


Dusty Miller:

Dusty has been involved in all aspects of offshore construction diving since 1976 and has managed many offshore construction, intervention, repair and removal campaigns.   In terms of SE Australian assets, he has worked on Longtom, Patricia-Baleen, Casino, Henry and Minerva fields.  In the 1990s, he established and later sold his own diving company, the largest in Australia at the time.  He has set up air and sea logistic operations for the UN, in Timor Leste, and for Inpex.  Recently, Dusty has been involved in establishing use of the Diving Hardsuit, which reduces diving spread costs and extends diving operations beyond saturation water depths.

David Ingall:

David has extensive ROV design and execution experience, including innovative inspection and intervention technology and methods utilised in SE Australian waters.  More recently, David has successfully completed the design, build and execution of a diverless connection tooling system for offshore Nigeria. 

Ben Healy:

Ben is an Engineer/Naval Architect and has a variety of experience in subsea operations, particularly in ROV and sat diving operations.  He is the MD of  Thrust Maritime and has led the development of a fleet of Hyperbaric Recovery and Evacuation systems for projects in Asia-Pacific.

Rob Barton:

Rob has 20 years experience in air and sat diving, ROV operations and project and operations management, including supervisory positions.  He is currently based in Singapore with Shelf Subsea.


SUT Members and non-members are welcome.  Places are limited so please register prior to the event at www.trybooking.com/KOII

Registration fees: SUT Members $25, Non-Members $30* (additional $5 if registering at the door).