As the lift engineering consultant on the BassGas Mid Life Enhancement (MLE) Project, we would like to congratulate Origin Energy Limited (Origin)* on another major milestone achieved; the successful installation of the gas compression and condensate pumping modules onto the Yolla Platform.

AMOG was on hand to verify installation engineering conducted by SapuraAcergy for the lifts carried out by their heavy lift crane vessel, the Sapura Acergy 3000. These were conducted safely and without incident.

AMOG performed independent installation engineering to verify operability assessments by SapuraAcergy for the lift of both modules in an environment challenging to mono-hulled heavy lift vessels. This independent engineering involved the full modelling of the lift, including constant tension winches and module bumper guide engagement at a level of detail not normally seen in the industry. Additionally, motion monitoring packages were installed on both the compressor module and platform to verify and improve predictions.

AMOG plan now to work with key players in the industry to leverage the data gathered during this lift to guide future heavy lift campaigns.

*As the Operator of the BassGas Joint Venture