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AMOG Dynamic Power Testing Project - Offshore Cornwall.

June 2019 and AMOG is very excited to have receive notification from Cornwall Development Company Ltd that European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Marine Challenge Fund has approved further investment in AMOG's WEC Technology Demonstrator Field Trial and Dynamic Power Testing Project.

The subsea power cable market is expected to grow from USD 8.1 Billion (2018) to USD 16.6 Billion by (2023). Deepwater power cables will become more prevalent with the take up of offshore floating wind. Their high cost and complexity means that operators will have an increased focus on high technical integrity. This project aims to increase the integrity of power cables for offshore floating renewables by demonstrating a reduction in dynamic loading achieved with the use of Longitudinal Grooved Suppression (LGS) wraps and associated instrumentation. LGS wraps are an external flow modification wrap that can be fitted around pipelines. Test data from the laboratory shows they are predicted to achieve a reduction in dynamic loading.

This project aims to demonstrate via a field trial their performance on a power cable installed from a floating wave energy converter (WEC), in this instance AMOG’s WEC. Two power cables will be used; one will be a conventional cable as a control and the second will be wrapped in LGS. Both will have instrumentation to measure the response, supplied by AMOG. This project is being supported by Marine-I funding.