ERDF Landscape

In late December 2017, AMOG was very excited to receive notification from Cornwall Development Company Ltd that European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Marine Challenge Fund approved investment in AMOG's WEC Technology Demonstrator project.

AMOG CEO Professor Andrew Potts said "We are proud to announce the progression of this potential game-changing technology to a demonstrator phase in the open ocean off Southern Cornwall. CDC/Marine-i and ERDF have recognised the potential for this technology through awarding of funding. AMOG operates a methodical R&D process with tollgates that ensure technology meets due diligence review prior to progression through to the next stage. This wave energy technology is one such technology that is successfully incrementing along our R&D pipeline."

Director Dr Hayden Marcollo notes that the technology has been developed by a team that utilises AMOG's years of marine practitioner experience from industries such as oil & gas, navy, civil maritime and marine renewables. "The lessons learnt from the past fifty years of global offshore industry practices are utilised to help us diligently develop and deploy the technology with minimal technical risk. The technology is maturing through technology readiness levels (TRLs). It started at TRL 0 and will develop to TRL 5 in Cornwall. Once it reaches TRL 8 it will be ready for utility scale roll out in coastal farms."

Director David Rowley stated that "Cornwall was an obvious choice for a technology demonstrator, given the proven track record of supporting marine renewables, the strong existing supply chain and the availability of support from Marine-i."