AMOG Consulting Inc. looks to fill up to two positions in their Graduate Program each year, with successful applicants commencing mid year. All positions are based in Houston, Texas.

Applicants should be qualified in fields such as mechanical engineering, ocean engineering or naval architecture, at the graduate and post-graduate level. Applicants with relevant post-graduate qualifications receive recognition of post-graduate qualifications for subsequent career progression. 

Graduates receive exposure to a wide range of technology fields, via a rotation program through the business units of the company. This exposure may include mentoring in the disciplines of offshore hydrodynamics and mooring analysis, riser analysis and vortex induced vibration, advanced structural engineering and non-linear finite element analysis, complex fluid flows and computational fluid dynamics, quantitative risk assessment and safety engineering, and reliability engineering. In the course of performing such work, our engineers utilize advanced engineering simulation software such as Orcaflex, AQWA, SHEAR7, CFX, StarCCM+, Abaqus, SACS and LS-Dyna amongst others. 

Graduates may have the opportunity for short term assignment to business units at AMOG Pty Ltd's office in Melbourne, Australia as part of the rotation program.