Our team thrives on the use of advanced analysis techniques and design practices. As we continue to successfully grow into the future, AMOG is seeks to recruit graduates and experienced professionals interested in challenging and stimulating activities that contribute to our overriding objective of delivering "leading engineering solutions" for our customers.

Ever since the early days, AMOG has been committed to the training and professional development of engineers and has consistently hired engineering graduates, as well as engaging students in vacation work and internships.

Each year, we look to recruit talented graduates in Australia, the USA and Canada, from Mechanical, Aerospace, Mechatronics, Electrical, Computer Systems, Naval Architecture, Chemical, and Structural Engineering.

Academic results, career aspirations and cultural fit with the organisation all form part of the assessments within the application process.


Use the menu for details on each of the positions we offer and see our Apply Now page for more information to submit your application.