Mr. Christopher Carra

Executive Director - AMOG Holdings Pty Ltd and AMOG Consulting Inc

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Mr. Chris Carra

Executive Director - AMOG Holdings Pty Ltd and AMOG Consulting Inc

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours - Mechanical Engineering), Monash University
  • Bachelor of Science (Applied Mathematics), Monash University
  • Master of Science (Renewable Energy), Murdoch University
  • Member of Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Fellow of Royal Institute of Naval Architects

Mr. Chris Carra joined the AMOG Board as an Associate Director in 2002, was appointed a Director in 2005 and served as Chairman of AMOG Consulting Inc from 2012. Before joining AMOG, he held senior positions at BHP Billiton in the Petroleum Division in both the project engineering and strategic planning areas where he gained wide exposure to the international oil industry. In particular, he has made major contributions to the conceptual design of BHPB's floating production systems, and was involved in major projects such as Challis, Skua, Griffin, Dai Hung, Neptune and Buffalo.

Mr. Carra has over 20 years of offshore experience and recently undertook management roles at AMOG for conceptual FEED and detail design of riser and mooring systems, where he has been involved in Maari, Woollybutt, Pyrenees, Stybarrow, Basker Manta, Crux, IGB2, Montara, Audacious, Angostura, Port Cabrillo and Mutineer/Exeter as well as several other confidential FPSO projects.