For decades, mining plant and structures have failed before their design life is reached, sometimes unexpectedly, resulting in costly disruptions and even loss of life. With the aim of extending design life or increasing utilisation, plant designers, suppliers and owners continue to identify different plant operating conditions relative to the original design assumptions. Often, they are unable to understand the knock-on effects of these changes due to lack of accurate data. 

AMOG’s Smart Monitoring solutions bridge the missing link between gathered sensor data and useful operational feedback in a single holistic package. AMOG’s wireless sensors, which can be installed on existing assets, gather data which are fed into digital twins of the asset and used to monitor plant and structural response, relative to design, in real time. AMOG’s Smart Monitoring package can identify failures in real-time and monitor against programmable critical limits (e.g. for human vibration tolerance).

The Smart Monitoring package’s ability to monitor and relay data, pro-actively manage alarms and integrate with control systems, provides asset owners with flexibility and peace of mind. The Smart Monitoring sensors provide edge computing capabilities to process data on-board and minimise data transfer requirements on remote sites.

AMOG’s technology is being supported by METS Ignited, to accelerate commercial adoption through a Collaboration Funding Grant for robotics and automation.