SITREP is a Hazard Log tool, providing the ability to enter and track hazard specific information; it has been specifically designed and developed by AMOG Consulting to provide a simple, platform-independent, user friendly program for recording and tracking hazards information, a key element of any Safety Program.

The SITREP tool is closely aligned with Safety Case methodologies and provides flexibility is defining project specific risk acceptance criteria. Report outputs are provided via a Report Server repository which provides consistent and controlled data presentation. SITREP is hosted on an Apache2 software platform, integrated using PHP5 scripting language to provide interactive web applications and utilises the open source MySQL5.1 relational database engine supporting transactions, views, procedures and functions.


SITREP's web-based design offers many advantages including:

  • The ability to have multiple users logged in simultaneously.
  • Multiple Platform Support via its web browser interface.
  • Compatibility with current Microsoft operating systems and web browsers (Firefox and IE).
  • Multiple access sites, including remote VPN access.
  • Ease of installation (no local application).
  • Apache2. The most popular web hosting software platform - almost twice the active installs as its nearest rival (Microsoft IIS).

SITREP has the ability to generate many reports including:

  • Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA).
  • Risk Acceptance Criteria.
  • Mishap Lists.
  • Key controls (and assignments).
  • System Hazard Analysis (SHA).
  • Verification matrix.
  • Derived requirements list.
  • Control impact report.
  • Control verification report.