AMOG is an established world leader in developing optimal solutions and high end advice on a broad range of complex engineering problems. To maintain our position at the forefront of knowledge and technology, and as a leading solutions provider, required considerable and ongoing commitment to research and development (R&D). Aligned to our Vision of being the best in the fields in which we operate, many of our highly educated and skilled staff have backgrounds in research-based learning.


Joint Industry Projects (JIPS) 

With investment in research being central to what we do, AMOG has established a number of Joint Industry Projects. We have partnered with global organisations in Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) where we use our market leading expertise in analysis, modelling, research and cutting edge technology to advance the body of knowledge available in key fields. AMOG has established a number of JIPs including: 

  • SCORCH (Seawater COrrosion Of Ropes & CHains)
  • Chain FEARS (Finite Element Analysis of Residual Strength for severely corroded/worn chains ) 
  • Birdcage (Investigation of bird-cage formation of steel wire mooring ropes for; residual strength, fatigue endurance and improved design practices for prediction & avoidance) 
  • Chain WEAR (Development in predicting the long term wear of mooring chain links in operating mooring systems) 
  • WIPMIC (Water Injection Pipe Microbiologically Induced Corrosion) 
  • Squall Mooring (Developing improved design practices for single point moored FPSOs, and tandem offtake tankers, subject to squall front loading) 
  • Umbilical Dampening (Impact of VIV on umbilical systems) 
  • Blocking Compound 
  • Hose Life 
  • ROME (ROpe Magnetic imaging) 
  • AMOG is also involved in the following JIPs: 
  • ACARP (Australian Coal Association Research Project) 
  • DeepStar Riser VIV Projects 
  • DeepStar Mooring Integrity Management JIP 


JIP Collaborations with R&D Institutions

  • SCORCH JIP University of Newcastle & University of Reading as direct collaborators 
  • Established collaborative links with DNV and BV under AMOG leadership 
  • Leading on to successor JIPs of CHAIN-WEAR and CHAIN-FEARS 
  • New collaborations with Swinburne University of Ecole Centrale Lyon (France) 
  • DeepStar Riser VIV Projects Direct Collaboration with MIT (USA) and NTNU Trondheim (Norway) 
  • SHEAR7 VIV Software Business 
  • Leading into BP Riser VIV FoS Studies 
  • Future VIV and SHEAR7 Related JIPs are in planning 
  • DeepStar Mooring Integrity Management JIP Arising from established SCORCH and DeepStar networks 
  • Lead by AMOG but leading to collaborations with DNV in review role and with API (American Petroleum Institute) Mooring Codes Committee 
  • WIPMIC JIP (Water Injection Pipeline Microbial Induced Corrosion): Arising from Prof Melchers at Uni Newcastle and building on SCORCH JIP 
  • New Collaborations with SWEREA (Sweden), French Institute for Corrosion and UK NPL 
  • Korean Ocean Research and Development Institute (KORDI): Collaboration to write a book on FPSOs 
  • Korean Applied Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST): R&D Collaboration in offshore engineering 
  • Collaborative Research effort regarding Offshore Floating Production Systems 
  • NUCE- ICOFFSHORE (Hanoi, Vietnam) Collaboration Agreement for R&D and Offshore Engineering Consulting Services 
  • Pipeline Protection JIP New Collaboration with SINTEF Institute (Trondheim, Norway) 
  • South West Research Institute (SWRI) San Antonio, TX A collaboration in pipelines, chains, hoses, risers & umbilicals 


University Collaborations 

Because of the highly technical nature of the work AMOG undertakes, we are also continually involved in collaborations with universities and other research associations from around the world. AMOG’s collaborations with universities cover a broad range of areas including: 

  • JIP Development 
  • R&D Development 
  • Seats on various University Industry Advisory Boards 
  • Supervision of PhD and Masters Final Year Projects 
  • Lecturing 
  • Software Development 
  • Sponsors of University Scholarship


Industry Training

AMOG has also developed training modules and undertaken comprehensive industry training including: 

  • Monash University Offshore Engineering Program Subsea Pipeline Risks & Risk Assessment 
  • Risk Assessment for Offshore Platforms 
  • Analysis of Flexible Riser Systems 
  • Safety & Reliability of Offshore Structures 
  • Safety & Reliability of Offshore Systems 
  • Offshore Concrete Structures 
  • Towing and Installation of Offshore Concrete Platforms 
  • Offshore Pipelines 
  • Development of Offshore Oil & Gas Fields 
  • Offshore Facility – Development Options 
  • Design, Construction and Installation of Steel Jacket Structures 
  • Development of Oil & Gas Fields 
  • Scale Physical Model Testing for Offshore Facilities 

As well as being involved In the development of specialised training courses such as: 

  • Monash University LITE (Leaders in a Technological Environment) Program - Training in Critical Thinking 
  • Systems Safety Training for the Airforce and Defence Forces 
  • Hawse & Hoses FPSO Operations for Oil Companies 
  • IBC FPSO Master Class 
  • Hawse & Hoses Training Courses for BHP